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So you've passed your driving test and can now legally drive on your own. However, there are a range of road and traffic conditions that you may not have encountered before. The Pass Plus training scheme makes you become familiar with these conditions, and helps you to become more confident when driving on your own.
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The Pass Plus Course is to be completed within twelve months of passing your driving test and consists of six modules: driving in town, all-weather driving, driving on rural roads, driving at night, driving on dual carriageways and  motorway driving. There is no test at the end of it- your driving will be continually assessed by Nick and you must successfully complete all the modules in the course to an achieved or exceeded standard.

Successful completion of the Pass Plus course results in lower insurance premiums with some insurance companies- check the discounts offered by the insurance companies taking part in the scheme.

The Drive-Eazy Pass Plus training course (six lesson equivilent) is available at £120.

Motorway training

Drive-Eazy recognizes that there is a big Motorway Photodifference between driving with an instructor and driving alone on a motorway at high speed, so the driving school offers motorway specific lessons for newly qualified drivers. These lessons will help you gain the confidence required to travel at high speeds, and Nick will teach you how to overtake other vehicles and use sliproads safely.

Motorway lessons are available with Drive-Eazy for £25 per hour. This valuable driving experience is optional, and so it is entirely up to you how many motorway lessons you have.       

Refresher lessons

Drive-Eazy offers refresher lessons to full-license holders at the same rates as regular learner driving lessons (see top right). These lessons will boost your driving confidence, as well as identifying and correcting any bad driving habits- great if you haven't driven for a few years or you would like to practice a certain skill- such as reverse parking or bay parking.